To hibernate.

To hibernate , producing many kinds of bacterial spores of anthrax bacteria are a common example. This. Spores are stable and may still many years inactive. Bacteria to form often In fact, its with tough conditions, such as facing a drastic decrease in nutrition. However the discovery that mycobacteria produce spores that even this group of microorganisms, the ability to hibernation has. Uppsala Uppsala research group discovery was completely unexpected. In fact, it was the result of a sidetrack in a study on something completely different.

Leif Kirsebom research group at Uppsala University now has photographic proof, obtained while working with the bacteria that causes tuberculosis in fish, this this long-held conviction. Their discovery, which has attracted much attention, might represent by other scientists, a new twist in the fight against human tuberculosis. Completely new chapter whole new chapter in mycobacteriology Now we can perhaps understand, ‘ hibernate ‘ as mycobacteria and cause latent infections, ‘says Leif Kirsebom..What is Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease being? What has Mad Cow Disease?What are the Symptoms and signs of Creutzfeld-Jakob Disease ? Was are the complications of CJD?

The interested party can heavily believe things that clearly does not right , and hear and see things a few weeksre , especially those with vCJD is .