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Researchers at the University of Kiel have to show that DNA strands differ in their sensitivity to light managed depending on their base sequences. Your results are displayed by Nina Schwalb and colleagues in the current issue of the journal Science on 10 In October 2008 reports. It has been known for many years that the individual bases that contained the genetic information of DNA show a high photostability, as the energy that they occupy is released from UV rays – -. Surprisingly, however, found that in DNA, bases bases, these mechanisms are ineffective or only partially effective. It seems University of Kiel, of the UV-excited DNA molecules must instead completely different mechanisms specific for DNA, which are not yet understood occur. Through measurements by a variety of methods which could on DNA molecules with different base sequences, the research group led by Professor Friedrich Temps at the Institute of Physical Chemistry of the University of Kiel, led now able to confirm and clarify that assumption.

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