Today that it has signed a Licence and Providers Contract with Zimmer Holdings announced.

Martin Pickford, Senior Vice-President of Business Development for Accentus Medical, stated: One of the most intransigent problems with orthopaedic implants is definitely infection. It can be very difficult, costly and time consuming to treat these cases. The very best approach is to ensure that infections do not occur to begin with. Blanchard, Ph.D., Senior Vice President and Chief Scientific Officer at Zimmer. We look forward to exploring these opportunities provided by Accentus Medical. .. Accentus Medical signs licence contract for Agluna anti-infective technology with Zimmer Accentus Medical, a leading UK medical technology company that supplies advanced surface area and coatings treatments to the medical device industry, today that it has signed a Licence and Providers Contract with Zimmer Holdings announced, Inc., a global market innovator in musculoskeletal treatment.‘We’re confident that people have the crucial mass with regards to members to be a successful association,’ stated Professor Peter Clemmensen , ACCA’s initial president. ‘We are more visible as a link and our vision and wish is that people will attract even more members.’ The new association will expand its scope beyond the actions of the intensive cardiac treatment unit , that was the original concentrate of the operating group. Professor Vrints said: ‘The focus has been extended to the first seven days of acute cardiovascular disease starting from the initial symptoms in the home or work until the seventh day of hospitalisation. Today, to improve the quality of care we have to concentrate on every part of acute cardiovascular care starting before entrance to the hospital.’ The expanded scope will see ACCA become involved in the pre-medical center phase of acute cardiovascular diseases, the diagnosis and treatment of individuals in the emergency department, the transfer to the cath lab, the ICCU, and the cardiology section.