Together with Volker Sturm of the University of Cologne.

Peter Tass heads the research group Neuromodulation at the Institute of Neurosciences and Biophysics – Medicine at Forschungszentrum J lich. Together with Volker Sturm of the University of Cologne, he was awarded with the Schr? Dinger Prize in 2005. The following year, were both nominated for the Future Award , which is awarded by the President of the Federal Republic of Germany. Original publication: DA Smirnov, UB Barnikol, TT Barnikol, BP Bezruchko, Hauptmann, PA Tass: The generation of Parkinsonian tremor as indicated by directional arrow linkage analysis showed.

Under the direction of Prof. Volker Sturm, new neurosurgeons in Cologne implanted electrodes in patients for the measurements, and scientists in Saratov, Russia, the obtained data together with scientists from J? such a manner the frequency range of 5 Hz from the core area of the brain also drive the tremor,’said Peter Tass. ‘The difference:. The feedback from the limbs is a fast and easy stimulus transmission, the signals from the thalamus and the basal ganglia, however, are transmitted to certain loop-like neural pathways in the brain and spinal cord Therefore, the dynamics complicated and the path is longer the J lich physicians. Mathematician and physicist mathematician and physicist believes that these new findings reinforce the theoretical basis of ‘his ‘brain pacemaker.Unless other concepts are concerned, once again the nausea be frightfully important understood in that those at the right time of day, when I have just, is important. But the problem of continuing the the treatment is the principal.

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