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When you have any cause to suspect that you possess cancer you then should go and get yourself tested by your doctor. In this post I will be talking about five of the cancer tumor tests that they could perform. 1) PHYSICAL EXAMINATION: – This is normally the first check for cancers where there are obvious physical symptoms. For example, the first test for prostate cancer generally involves your doctor examining your prostate with a gloved finger. However, it is also used to check for cancers with much less apparent physical symptoms. For instance, your physician may do test for lung tumor by listening to any coughs which you have. 2) X-RAY: – This malignancy test allow your physician to build a picture of the within of your body. They can then use this picture to look for any abnormalities that may potentially end up being cancerous tumours.According to the most recent survey outcomes, 82 % of women in Northern California between the ages of 40 and 70 reported they have at least one element that puts them at risk for a future coronary attack. However, significantly less than a third of them perceived themselves as at true risk. Sutter’s annual heart health study was executed in January 2005 and included 2,200 selected women throughout the northern section of the state randomly. Despite some growing recognition and achievement in educating women in Northern California about heart disease, there’s still an mind-boggling number of women who don’t realize they are at risk for a coronary attack, stated Diane Sobkowicz, M.D., a cardiologist with Sutter Medical Center in Sacramento.