Value-driven Innovation.

AMGA presents 2011 Acclaim Award to Geisinger Health System The American Medical Group Association today presented the 2011 AMGA Acclaim Award to Geisinger Health Program for Transforming Care Delivery: Patient-centric, Value-driven Innovation, a patient-centered system redesign focusing on quality and safety, cost, innovative care delivery, and interdisciplinary care coordination over the huge healthcare organization Aygestin.Org . The award, granted through AMGA’s philanthropic arm, the American Medical Group Base , was shown at AMGA’s Institute for Quality Leadership Annual Conference, september 19 – 21 being held, 2010 at the Encore at Wynn NEVADA. Through the award-earning initiative, Geisinger Health System has been implementing and developing innovative value-driven approaches to improving health care.

December 31 Twelve Months Results For the a year ended, 2013, medical services income increased 3.1 percent to $17,584,000, in comparison to medical services income of $17,048,000 for 2012. The net loss for 2013 of $312,000, or $0.07 per basic and diluted share, included a pre-tax loss from foreign currency transactions of $1,174,000. Before this forex transaction loss, pre-tax income for 2013 was $438,000, net of losses due to noncontrolling interests. Net gain for 2012 of $38,000, or $0.01 per diluted and basic talk about, included a pre-taxes gain from foreign currency transactions of $132,000. Before this forex transaction gain, pre-tax income for 2012 was $70,000, net of income due to noncontrolling interests.