Walmir Coutinho.

The decision not to expand the trial further in order to accumulate more major outcome events was made because around 40 percent of the topics experienced discontinued treatment, and further discontinuations could have undermined the trial’s validity. Our study has some limitations. First, because the overall event rate was less than intended originally, the statistical power of the study, specifically for potential subgroup analyses, was reduced.Treatment may be to control the substance abuse and the underlying known reasons for it. This would be the biggest concern and should be resolved with professional medical help as it cannot be predicted if they might try to kill themselves once again if indeed they become high or drunk. 4 – A cry for help. The person is wishing to get the attention and help they need and not a genuine desire to die. Generally, this person will select a technique that they don’t really believe can be fatal. Unfortunately, occasionally what they think won’t kill them, does. 5 – A philosophical desire to die. That is a reasoned decision and is situated in fact probably. Frequently, they are facing a painful death from disease. They would like to consider their fate back into their personal hands and alleviate their suffering.