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Patients in the control group required azathioprine at a dosage of 2 mg per kilogram per day for 12 weeks, and 1 then.5 mg per kilogram per day for six months and 1 mg per kilogram each day for 4 months. In addition, prednisone treatment was additional tapered and then kept at a minimal dose for at least 18 months after randomization. All patients were followed until month 28 . Pneumocystis jiroveci pneumonia prophylaxis was necessary for all patients with CD4+ T-lymphocyte counts significantly less than 250 per cubic millimeter. The entire protocol is offered by Research Assessments Research visits were scheduled at enrollment, week 2, month 3, and every three months before final end point, at month 28 following randomization.Although the researchers investigated colorectal cancer, their findings may also point to new approaches to treating other styles of cancer. ‘If we are able to show that the medication overcomes resistance to cetuximab, it can be used against neck and head cancers aswell,’ says Borghaei. today announced its microarrays were found in a landmark study on prenatal samples. The three-year study was designed to evaluate the precision, efficacy and potential benefits of using microarray analysis in comparison with conventional karyotyping. Agilent SurePrint CGH microarrays and evaluation software were used in most sample cohort of 4,400 samples.